ATR Waste Types


A key factor in estimating the cost of your waste removal is to determine the waste type. The most cost way to minimise your rubbish removal costs is to recycle where possible. ATR classifies waste streams in the following ways:

Mixed waste types

When different materials are combined together they become a ‘mixed’ load for disposal.

Commercial or office waste Any combination of office waste including furniture, papers, boxes, stationary etc. No rubble*
Household rubbish Any types of old garage items, boxes, bikes, furniture, timbers etc. No rubble
Builders waste without rubble Any combination of general mixed waste - timbers, plastic, household rubbish, plasterboard, etc. No rubble
Builders waste with rubble Same as above but contains rubble - concrete, bricks, tiles, dirt etc

*Rubble is any material that has bricks, concrete, tiles, dirt, clays, silts or combinations of these

Recyclable waste types

Recyclables attract a lower disposal fee so if you have a reasonable volume of any of the recyclables listed, this will keep your waste removal costs lower.

Concrete Clean concrete of any size with or without steel, mesh, reinforcement – nothing else Bricks Clean bricks &/or render – nothing else
Roof tiles Clean roof tiles - concrete or terracotta but not a mixture
Soils Any types of shale, dirt, sandstone but no rubbish or man made products
Clean rubble Any combination of bricks, concrete, tiles or render
Metals Any combination of copper, lead, aluminium & steel
Vegetation Cardboard Paper Any type of organic vegetation (no logs). Excludes mulch or decomposed leaf litter. These are considered soils

Hazardous or Special waste types

Some waste types contain hazardous materials or are classified as ‘special waste’ types by the tipping facilities. Be sure to speak to one of our friendly consultants to discuss the best way to organise the removal of hazardous or special waste types

Asbestos Wrapped & sealed in 200μm (micron) thick plastic or unwrapped (must be covered ready for us to wrap)
Insulation Fibreglass, wool. Must be bagged & sealed for transportation (garbage bags are suitable)
Tyres Subject to volumes. Usually 1 car tyre in a mixed load is acceptable at the tip
Mattresses Surcharge per mattress.
Carpet Any carpet. Small volumes only. Large volumes attract a surcharge
Paint or liquid waste Liquid waste is not accepted. ATR is not licensed to transport liquid waste. Dried paint is ok in any quantity.
Chemicals Chemical waste is not accepted. ATR is not licensed to transport liquid waste