The bins come in sizes ranging from 2m3 to 30m3.

The skip bin dimensions vary depending on the size or volume (m3) required. Speak to an ATR consultant to get the dimensions of the skip bin size you need to ensure it can fit in the proposed area you would like it placed.

Either at the agreed date nominated at the time of booking your skip bin or by calling ATR when you have finished loading the bin within the designated hire period.

In most cases yes. All councils have different requirements. We are able to place skip bins on some council’s property by prior arrangement or we can make the application on your behalf but most councils require the skip bin hirer to lodge the application & pay the fee. Speak to an ATR consultant to find out your local councils requirements.

Again, all councils have different fees & procedures to obtain a permit. Most councils charge either by the size of bin, the length of time the permit is required or both.

Standard delivery times are Monday to Friday 7:00am – 4:30pm. Saturday 7:00am – 12noon. Out of hours services are also available by prior arrangement. We generally need 24 hours notice for delivery or pick up but we are able to provide a same day service subject to availability.

No. Private property is exempt from the councils permit requirements.

The standard hire period is a maximum of 7 days unless by prior arrangement.

ATR tries to assist where possible for a cost free minor extension by prior agreement. As a rule there is a standard fee of $50 per week or part thereof for extended hire periods beyond 7 days.

You can put most waste types in a skip bin. Here are a few examples – vegetation, bricks, concrete, soils, timber products, glass, plaster, metal, paper, furniture & other household items. See the FAQ “what can’t I put into a skip bin” for unacceptable waste types or ask your ATR consultant when making your booking.

Strictly no asbestos containing materials (ACM), food scraps/waste, carpet rolls, liquid waste, chemicals or other hazardous materials. If ACM is found in your skip bin it will be reloaded & returned to your premises for you to unload & remove all ACM. Significant costs will be charged by the tipping facility if this occurs.

Yes. Ask your ATR consultant about our truck service for bonded asbestos disposal (wrapped or unwrapped). We are fully licensed bonded asbestos removalists that can demolish any asbestos structures or linings from your home too.

Yes. We have dedicated skip bins available for bonded asbestos disposal. When hiring an asbestos skip bin it is critical that the following measures be taken by the hirer;

  • The bin must be double lined in 200um thick plastic
  • All bonded asbestos material must be wetted down prior to loading to suppress dust
  • The load must be covered in the plastic when finished & sealed with tape to ensure no asbestos fibres can become airborne
  • Please note that licensing restrictions apply to any bonded asbestos removed over 10m2 in area

Yes. Certain items are considered ‘special waste types’ when disposing at tipping facilities. These items incur additional charges & include;

  • Mattresses - $70 each (ensemble bases are considered mattresses for these purposes)
  • Tyres - $25-30 each (standard car tyres. Larger tyres attract higher charges)
  • Tree logs over 150mm in diameter (priced on advice)